RS232 TO RS422 / 485 Converter


  • Serial communication interface converter which converts RS232 signals to RS422 or RS485 signals and extends the distance up to maximum 1.2km. Allows to be connected to maximum 10 devices by Multi-drop mode as well as Point to Point mode.
  • Designed to be operated without any external power supply, when it is connected to PC or RS232 connector of various system. but a connector for the external power (not included in the product package) is also equipped for the case that an external power supply should be used.
  • Includes highly-effective Surge Protector to protect itself from the transient voltage (Max. 15,000 volt) coming along the communication line.
  • Includes an automatic opening and closing function for the output data so that the opening and closing consent work in the Multi-Drop mode is automatically made by the hardware, which makes you apply easily under any installing environment without any software operation.


Communication Type Asynchronous Serial Communication
Transmission Speed Maximum 115.2Kbps
Distance Maximum 1.2Km (Refer to chart-transmission distance per transmission speed)
Connector RS232 Side: DB9 Femal
RS422/RS485 Side: Terminal Block
RS422/485 Termination Resistor RS 485 Echo-mode Controlled by switch
Power w/o External Power: RS232 TXD, RTS, DTR Signal
w/ External Power: Voltage - DC 7~12V / Polarity - Independent
Circuit Protection 15,000 Volt-surge protector included
LED TXD (Green), RXD (Red), PWR (Red)

* DCD, DSR and CTS are connected to GND internally